A Quick Guide to Enrolling in English as a Second Language Programs

The popularity of English as a Second Language programs is on the rise with the increasing number of people wanting to finish these courses. That’s why the number of ESL programs and offerings are on the rise from various universities and schools. With the wide array of options right in front of you, you might not be sure which ESL classes you should take. But before you go about choosing ESL classes these days, you need to know what to expect from these programs.

If you look at English as a Second Language programs today, they are often categorized into levels according to the International Standards of English Proficiency. For most students taking ESL classes, they begin at the beginner stage going up to the advanced learner stage. Most ESL programs will not have any minimum proficiency requirement. Every program offers these classes in different durations, but usually, they can last 12 weeks long each course. That’s why most of these ESL programs will be completed by the students in less than two years. As an ESL student, you may take a core course along with some elective courses so that you can practice more on your English skills. When you enroll in an ESL program, you get the chance to develop the skills you need to become a competent English speaker. By finishing a good ESL program, you gain the linguistic skills to be an active participant of an English-speaking community, succeed at the collegiate level, and pursue a professional career.

As you know by now, there are varying reasons why a lot of people want to complete English as a Second Language classes. Taking ESL classes is vital for individuals who wish to pursue an advanced degree or pass the requirements for enrolling in an undergraduate, post-graduate, or graduate program. Other people also take ESL classes to enhance their ability to communicate in cross-cultural commercial settings in the business industry.

For those who are planning to take ESL classes for academic purpose, enrolling in this program will help prepare you to gain university or collegiate level success. When you finish this kind of ESL program, you will learn independent learning habits, essential language skills, and academic culture for you to become part of US institutions. By finding a good ESL program, you can hone your skills in research, presentation, debate, rhetoric, discussion, and note-taking all for your academic growth. When you are done with the program, you gain improvement in your ability to read and understand what the content of written texts in the academic English mean. In reading, you will be more accurate and fluent. As you read passages, you will gain better understanding of their content. You can work on your comprehension by learning strategies. A successful program also means having the skills to do independent reading outside of the four walls of your classroom.

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