The Ugly Side of Youth Incarceration

Different people have differing opinions when it comes to youth incarceration. However, there is no denying that it has more disadvantages than merits. This doesn’t benefit the kids or even the public. Kids need protection and guidance from adults and putting them in the same place adults who have broken the law are in means there is a high likelihood that they will be harmed and abused. You want them to learn there are consequences for their actions not to expose them to the horrors that go on behind bars. There are a number of ways they can be made to learn a lesson as far as their mistakes go without putting them through the trauma of being behind bars.

There is a lot of gang recruitment going on behind bars and because kids are easy to manipulate they will likely fall in those ensnares. No child should have to go through the trauma of being in prison and coming into contact with the bad people who are behind those bars. By being shown a little attention and a promise of various things by these gangs, they can easily sprawl down the worst path and turning them back will even be harder. There is a way this can be avoided and it is through ensuring better methods of discipline for kid offenders are found instead of incarceration.

On top of that, kid incarceration will make them lose hope. While young they should be given hope than things will turn out well for them. They have the option of choosing the path they want and chasing their dreams full of hope. Because of the criminals they will meet in prison it is easy to lose hope. Also, when they are locked they won’t be able to do much and by the time they are out their peers will have proceeded to do different things. As their peers take on a great path they will be stuck in prison without much to look forward to. This is why they should not be thrown in prison.

There are parents who label their kids as difficult and step back to let the justice system deal with them. Some think that it is teaching them a lesson but it is not the way to approach that. It is upon the parents to let children know what is acceptable and what isn’t. If the government just throws them in jail at the first instance the parents will take a hands-off approach. Before getting kids, people have to understand the responsibility that comes with because it is not every day that things will be easy.

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